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Philadelphia Demons Join MLRH

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The Philadelphia Demons will be joining the MLRH Super League in it’s inaugural demo season, and are holding a tryout to fill their roster from scratch.

The demo season will target a fan based experience, combining the full-contact product MLRH is known for with the marketing and promotion of a larger scale league than has been seen in the past. The calendar for the demo season will stretch from June through September, and will include travel between New York, DC, Pittsburgh, and Ohio, and a West Coast division operating in California. The Philadelphia Demons represent the city of Philadelphia, and own the rights to a 100 mile radius, where we’ll compete for the $5000 prize at the end of the season. We will carry a roster of 24 professionals, due to the summer months and people’s vacation availability. 

Tryouts will be run out of the 422 Sportsplex in Pottstown, PA and will cost $50, and include this open session (4-8pm on Sunday, June 1st), and an invite only callback session the following week (3-5pm Saturday, June 7th). The point is to gauge your talent level, interest and dedication. This summer will require a good amount of travel, and an intense weekly schedule, and we need a group dedicated to putting a quality product on the floor. Cost to play will be free, assuming you can participate fully in all team events, including fundraisers like an Iron Man Tournament, Golf Outing, and Open Bar Events in support of our sponsors, as well as Ticket Drives. Details will follow, and will be painstakingly crafted so that your time and effort will be all that’s required to succeed. This should breed a great competitive atmosphere, and a very competitive team with the best Philly roller hockey has to offer.

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