Delco Demons Hockey

Demons Elites advance to the Divisional Finals against the winner of the Liberty and Cougars game 3 (coming soon), with a second win over the Nightmare, 7-4. Demons Orange kick off the morning in the finals at 9am against the Nightmare.

Demons Black advances to the Divisional Finals against the South Jersey Cougars taking down the Robins in 2 games. Black won the second game 6-2.

Demons Elites take down Nightmare 8-3 in game 1. Next up Demons Black back in action against the Robins in Game 2

Demons Black take Game 1 from Robins coming from behind 3-2. Pat Gardner with the game winner and Stewart holds on for his first win of the playoffs.

Demons Playoffs - Live Blog - Saturday

As rat cast will be covering the New England Division playoffs this weekend,  the Demons will be live blogging the entire playoffs from Feasterville, PA for the Mid Atlantic Division. 

Stay tuned here for live updates with scores, photos, and videos, and keep up with all the Demons Playoff action!

*Any game 3 can be pushed up and played as early as possible, after the last game 2 of the day.